Local Nets

We encourage everyone to check-in to all the local nets you can. It helps show support for our fellow hams, is a great chance to ask questions/get help, and helps both NCS’ and operators know how to operate in the event of an emergency.


  • 8:00A NFL ARES Net 3.950 LSB (Traffic net) (Not on Sunday)
  • 6:30P NFL Phone Net 3.950 LSB (Traffic net)
  • 8:00P Gulf Coast VHF Training Net 147.360 W4AAZ


  • 7:00P Escambia ARES Training Session 146.760 W4UC
  • 7:30P Escambia ARES Net 146.760 W4UC
  • 8:00P Milton ARC Net 145.490 W4VIY


  • 7:00P Santa Rosa County ARES Net 146.700 K4SRC (Milton)/145.120 KN4JEA (Jay)(Traffic net)


  • 7:00P Escarosa 10M Net 28.375 USB

1st Thursday of the Month

  • 8:00P 220 Round Table 224.000 KO4SRC


  • 7:00P Wire Rascals 146.760 W4UC


  • 7:00P YL (Women’s) Net 146.700 K4SRC (Milton)