Docs & Training

Please use the following links for the most current version of our official documentation.


Santa Rosa County, FL ARES Net Script Version 4.4 November, 2021 | For Tuesday nets
Net Control Training video by Arc – W4CPD | Discusses general net control techniques
SKYWARN Hazardous Weather Plan & Net Script | Script & quality reports
National Traffic System & Radiograms video by Aaron – K8AMH (STM North Texas)


Santa Rosa County ARES Emergency Communications Plan
FL ARES Task Book – Used to track deployment readiness status
Go-kit Suggested Items – A sample list of items for a 24-72 hour go-kit
Coast Guard RadioTelephone Handbook – Used with SHARES | Proper prosigns


ICS-214A – Use to log personal activities during an incident

Equipment Training

SRCARES-250_7100Connections – Document on connecting our ICOM 7100 “Go-kit”
ICOM 7100 Go Kit – Connecting an ICOM 7100 Video by Arc – W4CPD

Winlink Guides

Winlink is utilized to send and receive digital messages.  We utilize it to check in and out of our deployments, send shelter reports, resource requests, and formal traffic. These documents provide step-by-step instructions on how to use Winlink Express to send official forms for nets, deployments, or exercises.

SRCARES-201_WinlinkCheckIn – Instructions for Winlink “Express Check-in” form
SRCARES-202_WinlinkCheckOut – Instructions for Winlink “Express Check-out” form
SRCARES-203_WinlinkShelterReport – Instructions for Winlink “SRC Shelter Report” form
SRCARES-204_Using COM7100sw/Winlink Packet – Using IC7100 w/Winlink Packet
ICOM 7100 Winlink Packet & VaraFM Guide – Required software settings – Oliver K6OLI

Phone Apps

eAUXFOG – Auxiliary Communications Field Operations Guide
eNIFOG – National Interoperability Field Operations Guide