Activation Status

NOT ACTIVE | 10/28/21 12:30A CDT – Thanks to those that checked in with us on the SKYWARN net. The net is now closed.

About Activation Levels

Activation levels are used to communicate the status of the Santa Rosa County FL ARES team. Team members should be familiar with the activation levels and be prepared to activate should the need arise.

When a disaster threatens or strikes the area, the EC (and/or DEC), in collaboration with SRCDEM, may declare any of three levels of alert in SRCARES. These status levels are passed down from the NFSECP. Operators are strongly encouraged to review the NFSECP for further information.

  • No Alert
    • No Alert is the normal situation for ham radio communications. This means that no state of alert or emergency exists.
  • Level 3 – Monitoring
    • This level will serve to notify ARES operators that their services may be needed on short notice any time in the next 24-72 hours.
  • Level 2 – Partial Activation
    • This is descriptive of operational status. This phase will activate the formal SRCARES radio net. “Go-kits” for shelters will be inspected and on stand- by for issue. The EC will call for either partial or full staffing of the EOC radio room and may include manning of evacuation shelters.
  • Level 1 – Full Activation
    • This level will include manning of evacuation shelters, and tight control of radio nets. Once SRCARES goes to this level, the DEC will be notified by the EC.
  • Stand Down
    • This level may be for specified area/stations or for the entire county. The decision for this level will be made by the EC in collaboration with the SRCDEM.
  • SKYWARN Not Active
    • Not Active is the normal situation for ham radio communications. This means weather conditions and predictions do not call for SKYWARN activities.
      skywarn not active
  • SKYWARN Monitoring
    • This level indicates the chance for severe weather within the next 24-48 hours. Members should refresh their knowledge on reporting procedures and test their emergency power capabilities.
  • SKYWARN Active
    • The chance for severe weather is imminent. Members should monitor local repeater and news sources for watches and warnings. Members should report severe weather conditions and damage reports via the posted repeater frequencies.