Winter Field Day 1/30-31, 2021

We just wanted to let everyone know that we are planning on participating in Winter Field Day as a group for SRC ARES.  We have reserved the dining hall (Thanks Jack) at the Bear Lake campground in Munson for Jan 30-31, 2021. The GPS coordinates are – 30.860195795764014, -86.83329951971727 

Please make plans to attend and participate if you can (and spread the word.)  As with any activities we do, no club or ARES affiliation is required.  We just want to help folks get out, enjoy amateur radio, and learn!

Final Plans (added 1/25/2021)

Well it is final here this weekend, Winter Field Day.  While I know we only have a few stations planning on operating, please do come by and visit if you get the opportunity.  Here’s the info as I have it for Winter Field Day.

  • On-site Frequencies
    • The talk-in frequency will be the K4SRC 147.700 repeater (neg offset, 100hz tone)
      • We will also do a cross-band repeat locally for those onsite using HT’s to 446.025
    • For local talk around at the campground/pavilion, we will use simplex 146.55
  • Setup
    • We have access to the pavilion starting at 10A on Saturday 1/30 and will begin setup then
    • Operation goes from 1P on Saturday to 1P on Sunday
  • Food
    • Saturday
      • Lunch 11:00A – Build your own sandwich.  Meats and other toppings
      • Dinner 6:00P  – Potluck of crockpots.  Several folks have volunteered to make chilli and other items
    • Sunday
      • Breakfast 7:00A – Breakfast casserole
      • Lunch 11:00A – Grilled hamburgers & hotdogs
    • Drinks
      • Coffee – Jack W4JPH is in charge and will make sure there’s plenty of coffee
      • Hot chocolate –  Josie WD4DCL will keep hot chocolate going at night
      • Waters will be available
      • Soft drinks/tea, etc – Bring your own
  • Field Day Rules/Safety guidelines/etc
    • A booklet will be provided for each of the 4 stations that has any information you need regarding Winter Field Day
  • Band (Frequency) Management
    • We have table top signs for each station and printed signs showing our call sign, exchange, and each eligible band.  Per WFD rules, only one station may operate on a particular band at a time.  We will have all bands hanging off clips so when you want to move on to another band, you can simply exchange the pages.
  • Logging Software
    • If you are bringing your own computer, we are using N3FJP’s Winter Field Day Logger
    • If you plan to operate from home and wish to have your scores count towards ours, please use “SRCFLARES” as the club name in the logging software and be sure to upload your logs.
  • Expenses
    • Please keep in mind, while we are using the SRC ARES call sign for this event, ARES isn’t a club and as such doesn’t have “funds”.  There will be a donation box if you would like to contribute any amount to those who have covered the rental fee of the pavilion and those providing food.  This is not required but I’m sure would be appreciated.

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